25 November 2010

Another reason to be THANKFUL!!!

Today is 8 months down in this deployment!

God is so good! This deployment has been flying by and I hope it continues until husband comes home. I hope for everyone who has a deployed spouse, your time is flying by as well. I hope for everyone who has a spouse at home, time slows down a little for you!!

Much Love and Many Blessings!!

Oh, and who else is shopping tomorrow?!? I'm leaving at around 2300 tonight to go stand in line!! WOO HOO!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I just wanted to post a quick blog tell everyone Happy Thanksgiving!! I am so much to be thankful for this year, even though my husband has been deployed.

I am thankful for:

-The technology to be able to talk to and see my husband.
-My husband
-My family
-My friends
-All troops both at home and deployed
-My sweet furbabies
-Being able to do my schoolwork
-Waking up every morning knowing that God loves me!!
-Waking up every morning knowing that others love me
-and so, so much more!

I hope everyone has a very blessed day and remembers those who are deployed so we can have days like Thanksgiving!

21 November 2010


I know, it's been a while since I've had a real post. Last week, I spent my time trying to get back into a routine. My MIL and I went to the gym FIVE days last week. I am so proud of us! I am looking into going for a couple of classes in the next coming weeks.

Black Friday is next Friday. I have my game plan ready. I have talked "the moms" into going with me. We will be leaving the house around 2330 to be in line for four hours until the PX opens. I can't wait!!! I am so excited.

Everything else is going pretty good. The holidays are going to be a little weird and lonely this year. It will be the first year since the hubs and I started dating that we won't be together. I wanted to do a Thanksgiving package for him, but with him just getting back from R&R, plus he and his people are moving... it just wasn't possible. Christmas is a totally different story and I've just got to get a few more things to have that package complete. I will probably be sending it the first week of December.

I ordered a book to help me with my Coding Certification test. I should be getting it any day now. I'm excited and a little nervous. I'm preparing for a test that's going to get me a job at our next duty station when M comes home from deployment. I can't wait!! Just thinking about it makes me want to jump up and down like a little kid on Christmas morning!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and I promise it won't be as long in between this post and the next one! Take care!

14 November 2010

Back on the countdown...

We had a great two weeks, but it's over now. It was hard to say goodbye, but in no way was it as hard as the first time. The time we have left on this deployment is very manageable. It's crazy to even think about! Instead of writing everything we did, I'm just going to post pictures.

Holding his nephew, Alex, for the first time!!

Our sweet nephew, Alex

Look at Tank's face! He is in heaven!

Loving on his boy! Look at that grin.

Dart Time!!

Golf Time!!

Playing on his dad's bulldozer... maybe? I'm not sure what it is exactly!

Sweet Tank!

Oh yeah! I'm good.... every once in a while!

R&R Present... A new truck for him!

Heated seats

DVD player

Moon Roof

Telling me I can't drive the truck because it's diesel and I don't know how to drive a diesel. I will be driving it!

At the airport

We were so bored!!

We were there for about 7 hours before he left.

The plane that took him away from me again.... it was HUGE!