27 April 2011


Hey everyone! I'm sorry about just disappearing. As you all know, M came home from deployment last month. It's hard to believe he's already been home for a month. Anyway, block leave was this month and we took some time away from the internet. We've just been hanging out with family, hanging out by ourselves and hanging out with Tank and Shadow. We got back to our house last night and rested up. We have lots to do today! I will definitely be posting more from now on! I can't wait to read everyone's blogs and get caught up with everyone.

05 April 2011

100 Facts About Me - Part 4

Here is the last part! I'm so glad that this is done. I had a hard time with the last 25 facts. Don't forget to head over to Megan's website at Megan Writes to link up your facts and read others!

76. I cried when Estelle Getty, Bea Arthur and Rue McClanahan died. (Sophia, Dorothy and Blanche from the Golden Girls respectively!)
77. I have one girl name picked out for when/if we have kids.
78. I only watch the local news when I'm in Alabama. Everybody else's newscast/newspeople are weird to me.
79. I get the chills a lot! Good music, watching something on TV, etc.
80. I think I have a guardian angel.
81. I love General Hospital and One Life To Live.
82. I co-oped (got out of school at 1100, had lunch and went to work for the afternoon) my last two years of high school.
83. I hate clowns!
84. Since I married M, I cry/tear up at the National Anthem.
85. My husband is my best friend.
86. I was born in August. My birthday parties when I was little consisted of family and family friends.
87. I don't separate the clothes when I do the laundry. M does.
88. I love M's hugs. He gives the best ones. That was what I missed most during the deployment.
89. I love thunderstorms! I am from the South!
90. I love rainbows.
91. I have a tattoo of a four leaf clover. I got it on our honeymoon.
92. If I look for clovers, I can usually find one within five minutes.
93. I can only remember dressing up as Punky Brewster for Halloween as a kid.
94. I had 5 shots of Patron one night and I only remember the first two.
95. I am a nosy person. M tells me all the time to quit being so nosy.
96. I sometimes wish I was more of a neat freak. (I'm working on it!)
97. I don't like coffee.
98. I don't like cool whip/whip cream. (Typing that... I heard Stewie from Family Guy saying it. Did anybody else?!?)
99. I'm a Leo!
100. I AM DONE!!!!

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03 April 2011

Check Out This Giveaway

Bethany over at Canines and Cadences is having a super awesome giveaway! I've seen this product on her Mary Kay website and I want to try it.

Head over to her website and enter for a chance to win. Here is the link:

I hope everyone has a beautiful Sunday!! Be Blessed!