28 September 2010

Another quick post

I know it's been a few days since I've updated, so I wanted to blog really quick. My Donut of Misery is telling me, "Congratulations! You are over the hump!" I am still very excited about that. R&R will be here and be gone before I know it. I'm hoping that time will somehow slow down while husband is home, but I know it won't! At least after R&R, we won't have too much time left on the deployment.

I am doing good! I won't be around the next few days. I will probably be gone until Monday evening. I am heading out of town to see my nephew and his family! I am so excited about this trip, but I'm going to miss my Tank. Shadow, the cat, is pretty independent, but Tank depends on me a lot. Of course, he will be at my sisters' and getting spoiled rotten!!

I hope that everyone has a great rest of the week and a great weekend! I will post hopefully Monday with a few pictures of our travels!!

25 September 2010

6 MONTHS!!!!

At the beginning of this deployment, I thought this day would never come. Now, here it is. I can't believe it's been six months that we have been surviving this deployment. We are halfway there! If I knew how to paste my Donut of Misery, it would be 50% done 50% to go. I can't believe it! I hope and pray that the next six months go as quickly as the first six months!! To celebrate... here are some pictures of me and my love!

I love you, babe! I can't wait for R&R!!

24 September 2010

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In

I know... It's been a while since I've posted, but really nothing has been going on. I don't have much to talk about, but tomorrow is a big day!!! Check back tomorrow!

Check in over at Wife Of A Sailor and link us with us!

This weeks questions are:

1. What characteristic about yourself has either been strengthened or weakened due to your experience as a Military Spouse? 

It made me realize how strong I actually am. Yes, I can be independent when I have to be, but I would rather have my husband home.

2. What is your favorite vacation spot and why? 

Since Husband rejoined the Army, the only vacations we have taken have been back home to see family. I love the beach and hope that when he gets home from this deployment, and we figure everything out, we can take a vacation to an all-inclusive resort.

3. If you could have any fast-food restaurant in the food court on base/post what would you pick? 

I'm going to go with Chick-Fil-A with this one. They had them in Colorado, but they don't have them in NY. Everyone should be able to eat Chick-Fil-A, except Sunday when they are closed!

4. Where did you go on your honeymoon?

  We went to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It was the last time I've been to the beach, and that was over three years ago! I'm so ready to go back!

5. If you could have any job in the world regardless of money, degree or experience, which job would you have and why?

Hmm, I don't really know. I would like to have a horse ranch one day... so I guess that?

17 September 2010

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In

I haven't been able to do this in a couple of weeks, so I'm excited about getting back to it!

This week's questions are:

1.  How do you spend your deployment money, do you save, pay off bills or enjoy the extra money while it is there to buy the things you do not normally have? (from Troop Petrie)
I am trying to pay off our credit card and pay down on the Jeep we have. I am paying down on it so we can trade/sell it when husband comes home for the truck he wants. I am trying to save a little as well, but that's not going as well as I wanted it to go. Once I get the credit card paid off, I think it will help a little. I'm also buying a few things that we wanted/needed every once in a while.

2.   If you could relive one occasion or moment, what would it be? (from Currently On Land)

I think I would relive the first few months of dating with my husband.

3.   What’s the worst job you ever had and if it was so bad why did you take it? (from Faith and Deploying)

The worst job I ever had was when I worked at a Vet's office. It wasn't bad as in the work, it was bad for me personally because I am such an animal person and I couldn't stand to see animals hurt or having to put them under for surgery.

4.   If you could play any character on TV, who would you be?  (from Many Waters)

There are so many to choose from... Truth be told, it would probably be somebody from a soap opera, but I don't know which character. LOL

5.   If you could become the world’s expert in something, what would it be? (from Army of Two)

I don't know why this one copied this way, but whatever... I would become an expert in money. Making, saving, investing, spending.... the list could go on. It's not that I want to be rich, I just want to be able to say 'hey, I want that,' and be able to get it. Comfortable, I guess you could call it.

Head over to wifeofasailor.com and join in!!

16 September 2010

25 Weeks, 170 Days, and an update!

Wow! This deployment is flying by and I am so grateful for that. I know it's not flying by for my sweet husband, and I wish I could make his time go by like my time is going by. It's hard to believe that it's been 170 days since I hugged him. I think that's the part I miss the most. He gives me the best hugs in the world, and some days I just NEED him to hug me. It won't be too much longer until he will be home for R&R. The world will be right for a few days, and then it starts back over again. We are almost at the top of the hill!! My Donut of Misery says 48% and NOT QUITE THERE, but I just know soon we will be over that hill and the downhill slope will begin. I can't wait!

An update...
As you all know, I went to the nutritionist a week or so ago to get information about becoming vegan. The process is going to be difficult at first, but like this deployment... it will be all downhill after. I'm ready to be on the downhill part. I went today and got a meal plan. I'm not going to do it the exact way the nutritionist said because I have a TON of stuff in the kitchen that needs to be gone before I can fully be vegan. I'm going to try and do at least two meals a day vegan. Breakfast shouldn't be hard. I got some stuff for that today while I was picking up some other things for a care package for my sweets. Of course, I forgot a few things so I will be going back again tomorrow. UGH! (I so need to make a list!) So tonight, I'm going to go through my cookbooks and find several recipes that I want to try. I'm going to pick the stuff up for those and "build" my kitchen off that. This way, I'm not have to buy everything at once. That would be crazy expensive!

Other than that, I'm doing well. I've got two weeks left on the class I'm taking and then I start another one. Maybe I will get finished with school one day! Tank is doing good. I'm in the process of switching his food. Once he is fully on this new food, he will only be eating it. So after that, no more changing up his food when I go to other peoples houses. Shadow is still Shadow. He's sleeping on the bed right now. I should wake him up so he won't wake me up tonight. He's so precious when he wakes me up though... patting me with his paw on my cheek, bumping his head into mine, and purring up a storm!

And saving the best for last.... I GOT TO TALK TO MY HUSBAND YESTERDAY!!! He talked to me, his mom and his dad. He definitely made our day, and I think it brightened up his day/night a little as well.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! ROLL TIDE ROLL!! I can't wait to watch the Alabama game this weekend. God Bless and Take Care!

11 September 2010

September 11, 2001

I'm not even sure where to begin with this post. My generation will forever be asked, "Where were you on September 11, 2001?" I never thought that I would see something that would be so significant to our history. Our grandparents had Pearl Harbor, our parents had President Kennedy and the Vietnam war, and we have 9/11. I hope and pray that my children (when/if we have them) do not have a significant history moment in their life.

I remember this day like it was yesterday. I was laying in bed, freshly awake. I had it on MTV (channel 40) and was going to turn it to watch the Golden Girls (channel 25). Normally, I just pressed 25, but for some reason that day I flipped down through the channels. I landed on Headline News (channel 28) and watched the second plane fly into the second tower. I felt sick! I wanted to throw up, but I couldn't take my eyes away from the television. I had the day off work. I called and talked to my family during the day. I watched the Towers fall. I watched the firefighters/EMTs/police officers run towards the Towers while most people ran away. I watched people jump from windows. I watched our lives changing. I watched something that will be with me forever. I watched something that my grandchildren will ask me about when they are learning about it in school.

September 11, 2001 changed my husbands life as well. He went to college. He has a picture that was taken at the exact moment in time that we invaded Iraq. He took it as a sign. He is now fighting for our freedom.

God Bless those who lost their lives that day. God Bless those whose lives were changed that day. God Bless our troops and their families. We will never forget...

07 September 2010

Quick Post

Hi All! This is just a quick note to let you know that I am here and I will be back to blogging soon. It has been a crazy past couple of day. I hope all is well with everyone! I will catch up with your blogs soon!! Take care and God Bless!