31 May 2011

Weekend Update

I just wanted to type out a really quick weekend update. I'm about to leave and go get a new ID card. I will be an official Army Wife until (at least!) December 2013.

We had a great weekend. We didn't do much on Friday. We went down the road to a small roadside restaurant and M had the fish fry he has been craving. He really likes this place. He told me while we were eating that when he was little his grandfather (he called him Pa) would take him to a similar place. A place where everybody knows your name (Cheers, anyone?!? LOL), knows what food you will order, how you take your coffee, etc. It brought back really great memories for him and I loved hearing him share them. Friday night a couple of people from his squad came over. We had tacos and watched scary movies. Saturday was pretty chill. We hung out, went to post, hung out some more, went to the neighbors house and came back home to watch more scary movies. (We are on a paranormal movie kick right now. Any suggestions?) Sunday we placed Zombies on Call Of Duty Black Ops with his brother. Monday was much of the same... hanging out, Zombies and movies. We also went on a walk with Tank. It was gorgeous outside yesterday.

It was hard to get back into routine today! I hope everyone has a blessed week!

25 May 2011

Sunny, FRG, Volunteer.... OH MY!

Today is a gorgeous day here! It's bright and sunny out. I can't wait to get outside with Tank. I just wish we had a yard so he didn't have to be on a leash or a leash free dog park somewhere nearby. Oh well, he will enjoy a walk today anyway.

Yesterday, not a lot happened. I cleaned the house and made a fabulous dinner. It really was too bad that M had an FRG thing to go to and they fed him. Don't worry, he gets leftovers tonight!! Why didn't I go to the FRG thing? First, I didn't know about it until 1200 yesterday. It was at 1700. How do they expect any kind of participation when they can't even send out an email about it?!? Second, M has the car. I have his truck. Gas and diesel is expensive in New York. I'm not drive 45 minutes one way in the truck to stay for less than an hour. I'm really crossing my fingers that our next FRG is awesome. I would really like to volunteer or something with the FRG, maybe on-post, maybe at whatever church I/we decide to go to. Hopefully, I will find something. I feel like God is telling me I need to get out there and help others more. I just have to figure out how now.

I'm reading a really awesome book right now! I can't wait to finish it so I can share it with you all. Fair warning though, it's a long book! I've been reading it on my Kindle for about two weeks now (granted not every day and some days only an hour or so), but I'm a quick reader and it's taking me a while.

Also, if you have any suggestions on a Bible study, please leave me a comment or send an email... just put Bible study in the subject.

I hope everyone has a beautifully blessed day!

23 May 2011

Quick Update

Afternoon Everyone!! I hope everyone had a great weekend and a great start to the work week if you work. This morning was a bit hectic for us. M's alarm clock didn't go off, but we only got up ten minutes later than it was set for. However, we still had to run around and get everything ready for him to get out the door. We were running so far behind he had to drink a Slim Fast for breakfast before PT. (Don't worry! I packed him an after PT breakfast as well!)

Our weekend was great, other than Friday. He was suppose to get off work around 1530. Unfortunately, he got home around 2100. We had a late supper and then went over to the neighbors to hang out for a bit. We had to run on post early Saturday morning (0800... not THAT early, but we live 45 minutes away from post) and then I got introduced to being an NCO's wife. We got a phone call early Saturday morning (around 0400), but nothing was said. We figured M had been butt dialed. M got another phone call around 0745 Saturday morning, which turned into an all morning into early afternoon affair. I finally came home around 1200 and M got home around 1400. (It happened about three minutes away from us.) After that happened and everything got solved, we took a nap. After our nap, we headed back to the neighbors house where they grilled us some yummy food. We hung out, drank a little, and talked until the wee hours of the morning. Sunday, we had to run back to post because we didn't get everything finished on Saturday. After that, we just hung around the house, played video games and looked at houses at our next duty station.

I hope everyone's weekend was as wonderful (minus the incident!) as ours was. BE BLESSED!!!

19 May 2011

What Freedom Means To Me

Manda over at My Explosive Life as an EOD Tech's Wife is having a giveaway. To enter this giveaway, I'm writing a blog post on what freedom means to me. If any of my followers go to her blog and start following Manda (which you should because she's awesome!), leave her a comment on this post and tell her you found her through me. Thanks! Now then, on to my entry...

Freedom to me means sacrifice. I was blessed to be born in America. I was blessed that many, many people before me sacrificed their time with their families for me to enjoy the freedoms that I have today. I AM blessed today by the many people (including my handsome husband!) who sacrifice their time with family to protect my freedom. I have the freedom to go where I want, do what I want and when I want. I can't imagine living any other way. I will never have to know what it's like to be turned away because I'm a woman. I will never have to know what it's like to say I can't do this or that because of the color of my skin. I will never know what it's like to be punished because of what religion I am. When you sit down and look at the facts, we are so blessed and we take it for granted mostly. If I want to protest something I don't like, I can because somebody sacrificed for me to be able to protest. If I want to disagree with someone, I can because someone sacrificed for me to have freedom of speech. We couldn't have the freedoms we have today with someone sacrificing something for a country that they love.

WE ARE BLESSED!! Take the time out of your day to look around and see the beautiful things in the world, not everything else.

14 May 2011

Anniversary Update

As you all know, our anniversary was Thursday. In a way, Blogger being down was a good thing for me. I stayed off the internet and spent time with M. He worked Thursday, but he was off Friday and will be off Sunday and Monday. They have a four day weekend, but unfortunately, he got CQ (24 Hour Duty) today.

We didn't do anything on Thursday. Yesterday, we went to a bigger city and ate at a Mexican restaurant. It was okay. Nothing spectacular about it. We went early... M says that's what happens when you have kids AKA Tank and Shadow. We did find a little shop that made us excited about hiking, camping, and all things that summer brings. Anyway, we got to the restaurant around 1630 and got home around 1900. We spent the next couple of hours playing Borderlands on the PS3.

Today, M is at work and I will be cleaning the house, doing laundry, etc. There is no telling what we will do on Sunday and Monday.

Have a great weekend!! Be Blessed~

11 May 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Just some pictures of us in celebration of our anniversary tomorrow.
It has been four years of love, fights, tears, anger, moves, separations, deployments,
TDYs, missed holidays, loneliness, employment/unemployment, etc, etc, etc
I wouldn't change a minute of it... except maybe the deployment! 
I can't wait to see what the next four years brings us!
I love you, M!!

09 May 2011

Good Morning!!

We had a great weekend! M got a pass and took a three day weekend. We had a couple of his buddies over on Friday night. The rest of the weekend was about us and the boys. We just played video games, watched movies or Ghost Adventures, and spent time together.

Yesterday was mother's day. We called both moms and told them Happy Mother's Day. They got the added bonus of Tank "speaking" Happy Mother's Day as well.

This week is our anniversary, both for dating and marriage. We started dating May 9, 2006 and got married May 12, 2007. Since we live so far from everything, we probably won't go out for our anniversary next weekend. We will probably just have a nice dinner at the house and hang out/spend time together, which is really what we need anyway after being apart just about all of 2010.

We also made the commitment to each other that on and after our anniversary we are going to be healthier. We are going to eat healthier (more fresh fruits, veggies, etc.) and get more exercise. The only bad thing is that the Farmers Market here doesn't open until June. But, we will make do until then.

I hope everyone has a great week!! Be blessed!

02 May 2011

Heavy Heart

Today, I'm writing this blog post with a heavy heart. There have been so many things that happened in the past few days.

As most of you know, I'm from Alabama. There were 120 tornadoes in Alabama alone last week. A lot of them were directly in the path of my family (both my family and M's family). My in-laws just got power back yesterday. My mother, sisters and dad still do not have power. It could take a few more days for them to get power back.

A whole family was killed in my hometown. The images I've seen on Facebook and the news have broken my heart. It hurts to be away at a time like this, but I think it would hurt more to actually be there. M and I left from block leave the day before the tornadoes happened.

I've lived in the South just about my whole life. I've seen the devastation that tornadoes can bring. Nothing compares to what happened last week.

Please keep Alabama and all of those affected by last weeks tornadoes in your prayers. It will be a while before anything is 'normal' for them.

Also on my heart is our troops. While we had a great victory yesterday, I'm worried that our troops will be in even more danger now. Troops are always on my prayer list, but they will be getting extra prayers.

Be blessed and have a great week!