30 April 2010

MilSpouse Blog Hop!!

Niagara Falls November 2009

Hello! My name is Jessica, and I have been married to my DH (dear husband) almost three years. He is active duty Army, and is currently deployed to Afghanistan. We do not have any children yet, but we do have two furbabies! Tank, our black Lab, is almost five years old. Shadow, our black kitty, is almost a year old. DH has been in the Army for a little over five years total. I have been with him for three of those years. It has been quite a wild ride, but we are enjoying it together.

I love to read (both blogs and books) in my spare time. At the moment, I am going to school for Medical Transcription. I have already been to school for Medical Billing and Coding. I should be finished with school around the end of June. I can't wait!!

I can't wait to meet everyone! Have a great day!

By the way, the blog post is part of the MilSpouse Blog Hop hosted by Riding the Roller Coaster!

26 April 2010

Happy Birthday!!

This is just a quick post to give my sister a little shout out!


I hope everyone had a great Monday!

25 April 2010

4 weeks does not equal 1 month!!

So, if you look at my deployment ticker.... it says that today is one month! Apparently 4 weeks is not equal to one month. I get it, but that's so weird! We are officially done with one month of this deployment, and I am so excited! I got to see and hear my DH a lot over the weekend. I am so in love with him, and so thankful for the technology that we have these days.

For anybody that is in the South, I hope everybody is doing ok after the storms this weekend. It wasn't bad where I was at, but not too far away there was a pretty bad tornado. The destruction tornadoes leave are devastating. I will be sending up a few extra prayers for the people who were affected by this weekends storms.

I had a pretty good weekend, other than the fact of the storms. I spent a lot of time on Saturday remember things both good and bad that happened in my childhood. It's amazing what we 'forget' until we start to remember. One memory always leads to another memory. I loved it! I hope everybody else had a great weekend, and I hope everyone has a fantastic Monday!

22 April 2010

4 Weeks!!

I'm going to assume that four weeks is the same thing as a month! It's been four weeks since DH deployed. (Of course, with OPSEC it's not the exact date, but I think everybody knows that!) The first four weeks have flew by, and I am very grateful for that. In these short four weeks, I have packed a house, moved it into storage and had a long drive back to Alabama. I am glad to be back home, but I thought it would be warmer than it is. I'm not complaining too much, because I know in a couple of months I will be complaining about how hot it is! I'm still trying to wrap my head around my DH being gone. Oh, and I got to see him yesterday! In real time, not in pictures!! Thank you God for the technology we have these days.

On another note, I can't believe our anniversary is in about twenty days! It's crazy to think of the time flying by like it is, but I am so grateful for that. I know if it keeps going like this, my DH will be back home with me in no time. Ok, I have to go get started on my school work. I hope that everyone has a great day, and a great weekend!!

21 April 2010

Good Morning!

I hope everyone's Wednesday is going well. (I actually didn't know what day it was. I had to check my phone!) I am back to hitting the school books, and I have to be done with my school work by 21 June. I am going to be super busy the next two months trying to get everything finished up. I sort of wish that I didn't stop my school work while he was getting ready to deploy, but I would not trade that time with him for anything. So, I will be working on it all the time and that's ok. It gives me something to do during the day while everyone else is at work.

Things are going well here in Alabama. I was expecting warmer weather, but I know that it will be here soon. I'm still looking for my first thunderstorm, but I'm being patient with that one. A thunderstorm in Alabama usually means a tornado. So, I will hold off on that one for as long as possible.

My DH is doing well. I got to talk (on the phone!) with him a couple of times in the past few days. It's amazing what just hearing his voice does, even if he is having some sinus issues. It's sometimes weird to think of him as deployed and halfway around the world. But then I remember when he calls me at 0230, and it's 1200 or so for him. Sometimes, I can't wrap my head around it and sometimes it's all I think about. But, he is doing good and he is sending packages home to me. I can't wait to get it!!

I have to get back to my school work! I hope everyone has a fantastic day!

19 April 2010

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone's Monday is going as well as it can for you! Again, I am at my sisters house and we are trying to find solutions for the internet at my dad's house. I may be heading to the in-laws house with my school books in tow, so I can start working on my school work again. I'm going to have to bust my bootie to get it done in time. I will be so glad when I can start, so I can finish it already! I'm ready to start getting experiences in my job field. But, we are figuring it out and hopefully everything will work out!

I talked to my DH yesterday (and at 0230 this morning). It's so great hearing his voice! I've went and talked with my cell phone people on Saturday. I lucked out so much when the lady said that she had family in another country and told me the best way to stay in touch with DH. Now, I just have to find the calling card that she was talking about and all will be golden!

I hope everyone has a great week!

16 April 2010

It's been forever...

It feels like it has been forever since I've gotten on the internet. I am staying with my dad, and we are having trouble getting the internet to work. I am at my sister's house stealing internet from somebody. All is going well here. I actually talked to DH today, on the phone!! It was so great to hear his voice, I have missed it! I think the dog and the cat are adjusting to life in Alabama pretty well. My cat, Shadow, decided to get in the vents last night. I'm not sure how long he was in there, but it took me forever to get him out. He was finally ready and I got him out with some spaghetti noodles. Crazy! It will take me a while to catch up on all of the posts, but I will definitely get around to it! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

11 April 2010


This is just going to be a quick update. I just wanted to let everyone know that I made it back to Alabama. The inspection went great, I dropped things off at the Good Will, picked up the Moms from the airport and we were on our way. It took us about fifteen hours to get home, which is great timing! It wasn't the most comfortable ride with the car being packed, a cat, a dog, and three women. However, we made it and I am finally home. I am still getting settled, and will have to transfer Tricare and everything this week.

My husband is doing good. I usually get to talk to him at breakfast and right before bed his time. I look forward to those times of the day. It looks like I will be talking to him soon! Have a great week!!

07 April 2010

Two More Awards!!

I can't say thank you enough!!

I got this award twice today. One is from Rachel  at I Don'e Wear Khaki's Yet and the other is from Southern Belle at Southern Belle and Her Officer. They both have great blogs and I love reading what they have to say. Everyone should definitely check them out!

The Rules

1. Thank the person you received the award from.

2. Name 10 things that make you happy.

3. Pass it on and contact the lucky winners!

10 Things That Make Me Happy

1 - My Husband - I know he will be there for me whenever I need him.
2 - My Furbabies - Shadow and Tank (look down a few post and you will see them)
3 - Thunderstorms - Sometimes, I think I'm going back to Alabama just for the storms! (I'm not really Moms! I know you both will read this!)
4 - My Family
5 - My Friends - both online and in real life. I'm grateful for everybody that I have met through this blog!
6 - Sunshine - Everybody just feels better when the sun is out!
7 - USAA - I know, it's a bank. However, I think they are the greatest bank in the world and I am so glad that I get to use them.
8 - My Phone - Yes, it's a little silly. However, my phone (I have an iPhone if anybody is wondering) lets me receive phone calls from my husband. It will also send me a text message when anybody sends me an instant message on Yahoo! Messenger.
9 - Moon and Stars - I love nights when the moon is full and so bright it lights everything up. Every night when I take Tank out, I am always looking at the stars.
10 - Chocolate - Because if nothing else makes you happy, chocolate will!

Now, to give the award away! I give this award to

New Girl On Post
HellCat Betty
Renee at Waiting to Exhale

As for an update today, I have done nothing but clean. Tomorrow is the last day I have to clean, and then Friday is final inspection. I'm getting more excited now the closer it gets. I hope everyone had a wonderful Wednesday!

06 April 2010


Well, today the movers came, loaded everything in the house that's being store and then unloaded it at the storage unit. It was kind of weird, because I keep thinking that I am doing a PCS move and it's not at all. It was crazy watching them try to get everything I'm not taking home into a 10 x 10 storage unit, but they did it. Thank God we don't have to move anything for a year, and (crossing fingers) it's a PCS move to somewhere in the South. We are hoping for Texas, but anywhere is good. Tonight, I will be shampooing the carpets and doing a little cleaning. Tomorrow will be more of the same. I can't believe that it's here; that I am moving home in three days! I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

04 April 2010

My first award!!

I want to send a big THANK YOU to Via at Cloud Nine for giving me my first award. This is a complete and total shock to me. I can't say thank you enough.

Here are the rules:

1 - Thank and link to the person that gave you the award
2 - Pass this award on to 15 bloggers you've recently discovered and whom you think are fantastic
3 - Contact said blogs and let them know they've won
4 - State seven things about yourself

I am giving this award to:

Raw Adventures of An Army Wife
Queen of My Castle
Sunshine and Sprinkles
A Bee and His Honey

Now, seven thing about me.

1 - I am painfully shy when I meet new people. That makes it so hard to meet new people with the life that I am leading.
2 - I love the Disney Channel. I have no children, but I watch Wizards of Waverly Place. Last night, I watched High School Musical and HSM2. I wanted to see what it was all about. The songs were kind of catchy!!
3 - I cry at everything. Even before the deployment, I am such a tender hearted person. My DH makes fun of me, but he will always comfort me when I cry. And when I say everything, I really mean everything. I've cried at songs, commercials, tv shows, etc. If I see somebody cry, you can just about guarantee that I'm going to as well.
4 - I'm addicted to books! I normally read romance novels, but I'm trying to branch out. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment.
5 - I am a positive person. I usually see the good in every situation, while DH usually sees the bad. I have my days, but for the most part I am positive.
6 - I don't drink caffeine. If I have a 'coke,' it's usually either a sprite or sierra mist. When I drink my sweet tea (I am from Alabama!), it's the non-caffeine kind with lots of sugar!
7 - I love just about all kinds of music, but country is my favorite.

Thanks again, Via, for my first award!

I hope that everyone has a great Easter Sunday. Remember the reason we celebrate this day.

03 April 2010

Relaxing weekend

It's gorgeous outside, and all I plan on doing this weekend is relaxing. Next week is going to be crazy! Monday night, I am getting everything ready for the movers that are coming on Tuesday. Tuesday, the movers will move everything into the storage unit and I will go rent a shampooer. We, or I should say I have to shampoo the carpets, because we live on post and have animals. Wednesday and Thursday, I will be shampooing the carpets and cleaning the house. I will also have to take the shampooer back. Friday, I have a final inspection then I am off to the airport to pick up my mom and my mother-in-law. After that, it's Alabama bound! I am definitely excited about being back in Alabama and having a 'real' summer. I'm excited about thunderstorms! I love them so much, but I don't love the tornadoes that usually come with them. I'm also not excited about the humidity. It does nothing for my hair!

I hope that everyone has a great Easter weekend!

01 April 2010

Beautiful Day

Today was a beautiful day! It was a nice 71 degrees outside, and I enjoyed it. Blue skies and sunshine and no humidity. I won't be able to say that in one week when I get back home. I'm so excited about that. One week from tomorrow, we will be driving down the interstate. I can hardly contain myself.

Today was also a 'want to pull my hair out' day. As you all know, DH is deployed. We are trying to find the cheapest way for him to call everybody back here at home. We have currently suspended his phone, but our provider says that we can reactivate his phone and pay $3.99 a minute. I was wondering what everybody else is doing that is in our situation. If you have any advice, please tell me. I would love to hear it!

I hope it was a beautiful day for everybody! TGIF tomorrow... It's suppose to be a beautiful weekend here!