21 November 2010


I know, it's been a while since I've had a real post. Last week, I spent my time trying to get back into a routine. My MIL and I went to the gym FIVE days last week. I am so proud of us! I am looking into going for a couple of classes in the next coming weeks.

Black Friday is next Friday. I have my game plan ready. I have talked "the moms" into going with me. We will be leaving the house around 2330 to be in line for four hours until the PX opens. I can't wait!!! I am so excited.

Everything else is going pretty good. The holidays are going to be a little weird and lonely this year. It will be the first year since the hubs and I started dating that we won't be together. I wanted to do a Thanksgiving package for him, but with him just getting back from R&R, plus he and his people are moving... it just wasn't possible. Christmas is a totally different story and I've just got to get a few more things to have that package complete. I will probably be sending it the first week of December.

I ordered a book to help me with my Coding Certification test. I should be getting it any day now. I'm excited and a little nervous. I'm preparing for a test that's going to get me a job at our next duty station when M comes home from deployment. I can't wait!! Just thinking about it makes me want to jump up and down like a little kid on Christmas morning!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and I promise it won't be as long in between this post and the next one! Take care!


Cassandra said...

What is Coding Certification? && Good luck with Black Friday. It's crazy!

Renee said...

I talked to the post office guy recently an Dec 5th is the last day to send flat rate boxes to APO addresses and have them arrive before Christmas.

I cannot believe you are going to the PX at 2330!! You are sooo brave (or crazy - not sure which). Rich and I wen to Black Friday a couple of times..this year I will just stay home. Have fun!!!