31 March 2011

100 Facts About Me - Part 3

It's that time again! Here is Part 3 of my 100 Facts About Me. Don't forget to head over to Megan's blog at Megan Writes and link up.

51. We planned our wedding in four months. We got married one year and three days after our first date.
52. I make lists when I get stressed.
53. I want to learn more about Greek Mythology.
54. I love the stars. They make me feel small, but part of something bigger than I could ever imagine.
55. I haven't been to the ocean since our honeymoon in 2007.
56. I want to learn a foreign language or two or three.
57. I worked at a vet's office for about three months. I had to quit because my heart was broken and I cried every single day I worked.
58. Sometimes I think way too much!
59. I walked down the aisle barefoot. I WAS NOT PREGNANT!!
60. I did not cry on my wedding day.
61. I love Wizards of Waverly Place.
62. I don't really drink. I am normally the DD when we go out.
63. When I do drink, I like Arbor Mist Blackberry wine and Mikes Black Cherry Lemonade. I'm a cheap drunk! LOL
64. Black Cherry is my favorite kind of Kool Aid.
65. Black Cherry is my favorite Yankee Candle scent.
66. I only drink milk if it's chocolate or with cereal.
67. I hate socks and shoes. I only wear them when I have to!
68. I big, pink, puffy heart flip flops!!
69. But I hate when people look at my toes. I made the mistake of sending M a picture of my toes painted black while he was deployed. (I told him I was goth!) He sends it to me pretty regularly saying that he's looking at my toes. UGH!
70. Now that M is home, I don't know what to blog about, but I want to keep blogging.
71. I love my snuggie!!
72. I never have my umbrella when it's raining.
73. I'm addicted to Facebook.
74. Dill Pickle chips are my favorite. I would seriously eat the whole bag in one sitting.
75. I've been to two WWE events. (The Rock is way hot in person!)

Come back next week for the final 25 facts and don't forget to link up!!

30 March 2011

Wordless Wednesday

I don't think I've done one of these in a while. Here goes...

The plane that brought him home! We watched it on a video since we weren't allowed at the airfield.

That's M at the very front of the screen. This was the second time they played it and we barely caught him!

29 March 2011

100 Facts About Me - Parts 1 & 2

If you are on Twitter, you have probably seen the hashtag #100factsaboutme going around. Instead of clogging up Twitter with it, Megan over at Megan Writes decided to do it in a blog. Since I am behind, I'm doing Part 1 and Part 2 today. The other two parts will be up in a few days. I've only got 6 more facts to think of!

So, click on Megan's link up there and join in!

1. I don't usually like it when someone shortens my name. VERY few get away with it. If somebody calls me Jess, I normally answer with 'ica.'
2. I'm WAY too tender-hearted. I seriously cry at everything. Commercials, daytime soaps, dogs tied to chains outside, homeless people. M has told me to close my eyes before while we are driving down the road. It's BAD!
3. I'm a huge animal person. Once we get to our "new normal," I'm going vegan.
4. I've met LeAnn Rimes, Sara Evans, Carrie Underwood, Jessica Andrews and Candace Cameron Bure.
5. I love concerts. Some of my favorites were Bon Jovi, Kid Rock, Carrie Underwood, and Reba to name a few.
6. During deployment, we paid off everything except the car and truck.
7. I am ready for a job!!! I never thought I would say that, but I am.
8. I am an avid reader. I love everything except scary books.
9. I'm addicted to Food Network, HGTV, The Golden Girls, Ghost Adventures and Lockup. Crazy, right?
10. I'm older than M by 2 months and 2 weeks. The longest of my life!!
11. I am the youngest in my immediate family and the youngest grandchild on my dad's side.
12. I've decided that I will never move home again during a deployment. Too much stress!
13. I've become addicted to Twitter.
14. M cooks better than I do.
15. I was painfully shy growing up. I still am, but I think at least a little better than I was.
16. M was my first boyfriend.
17. I never thought I would get married.
18. Sometimes I think I'm ready for kids. Sometimes I know I'm not.
19. I play video games with M to spend time with him.
20. I think I annoy M with some of the questions I ask. They do come out of left field sometimes.
21. I'm at the beginning of renewing my Faith.
22. I drive a 2008 Mazda 6 named Mazzie.
23. I've spent way too much money trying to find a skin care routine I like.
24. I love You Tube! It has everything and more on it.
25. Grape is the only jelly I like.
26. I hardly butter anything. I only use it to cook, for mashed potatoes, and VERY few other things.
27. I don't salt anything after it's on the table.
28. I'm clumsy. I've gotten better, but if I wear heels (other than boots) I have to have M's arm!
29. I do not like York Peppermint Patty's or anything that's chocolate and mint together.
30. For right now, I eat chicken and I eat bread, but I can't eat chicken and bread together.
31. I don't eat KFC.
32. I'm doing my family tree. I've traced some of my mom's side back to Ireland.
33. I got Shadow for Christmas in 2009.
34. I had to beg M for three hours to get Tank. He finally relented and now loves Tank more than I do. One argument he is glad I won!
35. My uncle received a Purple Heart during Vietnam.
36. I had quit biting my nails for a few years. I recently started biting them again. I NEED to quit.
37. I'm allergic to Ultram.
38. My most major surgery to date was for my wisdom teeth. ***KNOCK ON WOOD***
39. I've never broken a bone. ***KNOCK ON WOOD***
40. Two of my all time favorite movies are Sister Act and Casper. Can I keep you?
41. I was born and raised in Alabama.
42. I get motion sickness very easily. Riding in the backseat of a car, boats, movies/tv shows with shaky cameras.
43. My favorite condiment is mustard. I think I've converted M too!
44. I love pickles (all kinds) and want to make my own.
45. I LOVE football! ROLL TIDE ROLL
46. I like to think I can sing.
47. I'm afraid of crickets/grasshoppers/any bug that jumps.
48. I scream like a little girl when I have to kill a spider. I throw a shoe hard, hope it hits and run away screaming.
49. I grew up in an all-white town and I don't have a racist bone in my body. M did as well and he doesn't either. DON'T HOLD IT AGAINST US!!
50. I love checking the mail!!

Okay. That's part 1 and 2. Don't forget to link up!

27 March 2011

States I've Visited

I've seen this on a couple of blogs and thought I would participate. I'm working on another blog post, but it's taken me a bit longer.

Go here to get your own map!!

Apparently, I don't like the west or the northwest! That's definitely going to change though. I've always wanted to visit California, Oregon, Alaska and Hawaii!

25 March 2011

A-Z Of Me!

I've seen this floating around a blog. Since I don't really have a lot to blog about, I figured this is a good one.

Here goes:

A. Age: 28


B. Bed size: Queen


C. Chore you dislike: Folding Laundry

D. Dogs: The one that everyone knows about, Tank!

E. Essential start to your day: Letting the dog out!

F. Favorite color: Purple

G. Gold or silver:Silver

H. Height: 5'3 3/4


I. Instruments you play(ed): I can play part of "The Rose" on the piano. 

J. Job title: Wife. Hopefully soon it will be Wife with an actual JOB


K. Kids: 2 Furbabies, 0 Non-furbabies

L. Live: Upstate NY/Alabama

M. Mom’s name: Becky


N. Nicknames: Whatever M calls me. Sometimes Jess, but sometimes that one really bother me. I don't know why!

O. Overnight hospital stays: None

P. Pet peeves: People who leave their blinkers on, bad drivers, RUDE people


Q. Quote from a movie: "I'm your Huckleberry."


R. Righty or lefty:Right


S. Siblings: 7 (including real, step, in-laws)


T. Time you wake up: Around 0700/0730


U. Underwear: Yes?


V. Vegetables you don't like: Um, I love all of the vegetables that I've tried. I'm ready to branch out and try some new ones.


W. What makes you run late: Nothing. I despise being late.


X. X-rays you’ve had: Probably around 5 or so.... Pneumonia, bronchitis, etc. 


Y. Yummy food you make: It's all good!

Z. Zoo animal favorites: Giraffe 

22 March 2011


Thanks for being patient while I was waiting for these pictures. Thanks to my Mama for taking pictures!! This will probably be a long post... I want to remember as much as I can! Thanks for getting all the way through it if you do!

We started on trip on Saturday 12 March. I don't know why, but it was the longest trip I've ever had from home to there. It was crazy! We finally made it to the hotel about 2345 on 12 March. We got our rooms, went inside and went to bed. My mother and I went outside the next morning and there was 2" on SNOW on the ground. We left 75-80 degree weather and went to snow! We rushed around getting ready because we slept in late. (We lost two hours due to going from central to eastern time and then from springing forward!) We rushed to get to the apartment to get the keys. After I signed the paperwork and went through the house, we unloaded everything we brought. We (my in-laws, my mom and stepdad, my Tank, and myself) all piled in one car to go pick up the U-Haul to get everything out of storage. We were all starving by this time too, since nobody had a chance to eat breakfast. About halfway to get the U-Haul, I remembered that I didn't get the pass code to get in. (This was a Sunday so nobody would be in the office.) I really beat myself up over that one. Then I started thinking about the key to get into the storage unit. I prayed that it was the one that was on my keychain. I spent the entire drive to the U-Haul place trying to remember that pass code.

We got to the U-Haul place and I went in to get the truck. I walked in the door and the lady working said she didn't have any trucks available. I was so exhausted that I almost started crying. (Not to mention my emotions were through the roof all week!) I explained that I had called last week to reserve a truck. She got my name, went to the computer and said "Oh, good. That truck is the one you reserved!" Big sigh of relief! I did the paper work for that and walked outside. I handed the keys over to the guys and said it was lunch time. Big decision to be made there. We could either have McDonalds, Taco Bell or Subway. We chose Subway. After Subway, we went to the storage place. I decided that I might try and remember the pass code. I tried one number and it wasn't right. I didn't want to try too many for fear it would lock us out and I wouldn't be able to get in at all. So, I left all the keys I had with the guys and the women went back to the apartment. I found the paperwork, walked Tank around while someone was calling one of the guys, and then we headed to Wal-Mart. UGH!!! I dislike Wal-Mart A LOT!

We got to Wal-Mart and the guys were unloaded storage and loading the truck. We spent about two hours in Wal-Mart getting things for the house that M and I needed, plus some groceries to get us through the next few days. We had three grocery carts/buggys/whatever you want to call them! We had so much stuff that we didn't have room for Tank in the car with us. The guys didn't have room for our TV in the U-Haul, so they drove over to where we were and we exchanged a dog for a TV. My Tank was so cute sitting in the middle of the U-Haul, but I didn't get a picture. I'm a little sad about that. The guys left and we unloaded everything into the Jeep. We headed to the house.

Once we got to the house, we got everything unloaded from the Jeep, then unloaded the U-Haul. I hated my name that day because it was said so many times!! LOL We got a lot set up that day, but still had a lot to do. The next few days consisted of Wal-Mart/grocery store runs, going on post to make sure I remembered where everything was, and setting up the house. We got everything finished by Tuesday night except the laundry. My washer and dryer were abused the first few days they were out of the storage unit.

Since we didn't have cable/internet, we did a lot of reading and playing games on the computer. We also played Uno the night before M was due home.

Finally, Thursday rolled around. It was the day. The one I had been dreaming about since M left in March 2010. I checked, double checked, and rechecked the website to make sure that nothing had changed. M sent me a text message when he landed at the Airfield. We ran around like chickens with our heads cut off getting ready, hanging his Welcome Home sign and balloons, taking pictures, and trying not to puke! I wanted to be at the ceremony site when we could, which was at 0930. That didn't happen. Luckily, M sent me a message that said they had a while of briefings or whatever, so I didn't get too worried. We got on post and I went to get the sticker for M's truck. Then we went to the ceremony site. (My stomach is a bundle of nerves just typing it out!) I had the guys walk Tank since I was in a dress. It was nice, but the wind blowing made it a bit chilly. We got Tank back in the truck and walked inside.

Our first objective was finding a bathroom. Since it was at a gym, we went into the locker rooms. As we walked towards the locker rooms, we saw room upon room with Rucks, Assaults and B-Bags. It was insane, but it made it more real!! As I was getting ready to walk into the gym, two soldiers were there. One was handing out flags. One was making sure 'my' soldier was on the list. I feel bad. He had to ask me three times what M's name was. I was beside myself at that point! Once we got inside the gym, we were handed balloons. We found a place to sit. I just knew we were going to be on the opposite end of M when he marched in.

Somebody started speaking into the microphone and said to watch the screen and you can see your loved one getting off the plane this morning. Luckily, they showed it twice. The first time we found M. The second time we snapped a picture. I had butterflies when he showed up on screen. I ♥ him!! Around that time, I got a text message that said they were loading onto the buses. Funny thing about the buses... Normally they are the white buses you always see. Our guys had school buses. I laughed... A LOT! The next time I talked to him, I was in his arms!!!

After showing the deplaning video twice, another voice came on and said that even though they are indoors, they were performing it as an outdoor ceremony so headgear should be worn. I started shoving everything I had in my hands at my mother. Then it happened. The voice said 'Ladies and Gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to our returning troops' or something like that. It went crazy in there. The applause, the whistles, the screams... I had chills the entire time. Of course, the entire time I was also looking for my love. It was a short ceremony. One speech, one prayer, two songs and they were released. The entire time I was trying to find M in "the Sea of Camo." We never saw him because he was on one side of the gym and we were on the other. (I had sent him a text message earlier telling him where we were sitting and what we were wearing! I prepared him to look for us too!) We got down the bleachers and started walking. I was freaking out because I couldn't find him. FINALLY, his mom said there he is. I took off running. I pushed one person, hit a couple of purses, squealed his name (yeah, that's how he knew I was coming, LOL) and launched myself at him. That is one of the top moments in my life. I will never, never forget that feeling. After hugging for a while, I let him hug everyone else. I had to keep touching him while we were walking around talking to others just to make sure he was really there. After he finished talking and I finished meeting, we went to get his stuff. He had three bags. I found one right off and stayed beside it. Once he found the other two bags, he came to where I was. I put on the Assault pack, he put on both of his other bags and we went outside for the final reunion. After he tossed and gently placed the one with the laptop in the back of the truck, he got to see 'his boy.' Of course, Tank was there with us. Tank didn't get it at first, but once he figured out it was dad... He was so excited! M was sad because he couldn't drive his truck! HAHA

Ok... now on to the important parts... THE PICTURES!!! (Thank you if you made it this far into the post and actually read it!)

Waiting... NOT SO... Patiently

Thank God for people like this man and the woman beside him!

They are HOME!!!

No words to describe this....

Yes, I had to keep getting hugs. I missed them so much!!!

Doesn't he look so happy?!? LOL

Complete happiness... His Dog, His Truck, Home and His Wife... Probably in that order... LOL

Again, I can't thank you enough for the support the entire blogging community gave me over this deployment. 51 weeks, 357 days, 12 months. He's finally home!!!

18 March 2011

He's HOME!!!!

After 357 days of deployment, my heart is back safe in the United States. He got home 357 days later!!! I will post pictures as soon as I get the email.

I can't thank everyone enough for the support you have given me during this deployment. I only hope that I will be able to support everyone as you have supported me!

03 March 2011

An Update

Sorry it's been a while since I've update. It's been a little crazy around my part of the country. I've been painting the past week. It makes me exhausted! I'm also trying to get ready to move back to the north. I've been enjoying myself in the South, so it's definitely going to be a shock going back to cold weather.

I've made myself crazy trying to find a place to stay, but I finally found one. The lease application is in the mail and I will get the keys when I get there.

I got my hair done. It's not exactly like the picture I posted, but it's close. I did go black with red highlights, but the highlights are quite as bright. I thought that I would transition myself a little. Hopefully, I can go back next month and get the highlights a little brighter. I really love it though. I think it looks great! I would post a picture, but I can't get a good picture of it!

Anyway, I just wanted to update you guys and let you know that I've been reading your blogs (and commenting on some!). I've been super busy and will be throughout the whole month of March!

Until next time, Be Blessed!