08 January 2011

Project 365: Days 1-8

I don't want to be expected to post everyday, so I figure I will post my Project 365 pictures on Saturdays. Here are Days 1-8 of my project. Enjoy!
Day 1: Me

Day 2: Shadow in his favorite spot! We are going to have to steal the pillow from my daddy!

Day 3: Tank on the bed that I got for Shadow. He stole from the kitty! M is very proud of Tank.

Day 5: Painting the house... UGH!

Day 7: WOO HOO!!! I can get my hair in a bun again. That's my favorite 'down time' hairstyle.

Day 8: Lunch with Renee @ Waiting to Exhale and fellow milspouse Mindy. We should do it again soon!!

Day 4: Tank in his favorite spot. He sleeps in the closet because it's like his kennel. He loves it!

Day 6: Last time taking Tank out for the night. My flip flops and furry shoes right beside each other. Yeah... that just happened! I sent M a picture. He laughed and called me a dork! 

I know the pictures aren't in order. Sorry, I didn't feel like changing them around.

I had a great lunch with Mindy, Renee and Renee's daughter in law, Johanna. Thanks for taking the picture, Johanna. We will have to get together soon and take Mindy's suggestion of it being at night time. Wine, anyone?

I hope everyone has a great Saturday night and Sunday!! Be Blessed!


Renee said...

I love that Shadow has such a big pillow and Tank is laying on a little one! Too cute! The shoe story was just hysterical!! I loved having lunch with you guys - next time there will be wine involved!

Anonymous said...

Love Tank!!

Paula said...

Too funny that the dog is in the closet. It's so cute! I love the shoes :) Whatever is easiest when you're taking the dogs out in the snow gets my vote!
I'm jealous of your girls' lunch. I'm glad you ladies had a great time and are there for each other.

blackberry said...

Tank on the cat bed is HILARIOUS! :) He's so goofy!

McDancer said...

Hooray being able to put your hair in a bun~ It's totally my go to hairstyle. I'm so lazy haha.

Becca Leanne said...

puppy! :D I am a total animal person so this is great