05 April 2011

100 Facts About Me - Part 4

Here is the last part! I'm so glad that this is done. I had a hard time with the last 25 facts. Don't forget to head over to Megan's website at Megan Writes to link up your facts and read others!

76. I cried when Estelle Getty, Bea Arthur and Rue McClanahan died. (Sophia, Dorothy and Blanche from the Golden Girls respectively!)
77. I have one girl name picked out for when/if we have kids.
78. I only watch the local news when I'm in Alabama. Everybody else's newscast/newspeople are weird to me.
79. I get the chills a lot! Good music, watching something on TV, etc.
80. I think I have a guardian angel.
81. I love General Hospital and One Life To Live.
82. I co-oped (got out of school at 1100, had lunch and went to work for the afternoon) my last two years of high school.
83. I hate clowns!
84. Since I married M, I cry/tear up at the National Anthem.
85. My husband is my best friend.
86. I was born in August. My birthday parties when I was little consisted of family and family friends.
87. I don't separate the clothes when I do the laundry. M does.
88. I love M's hugs. He gives the best ones. That was what I missed most during the deployment.
89. I love thunderstorms! I am from the South!
90. I love rainbows.
91. I have a tattoo of a four leaf clover. I got it on our honeymoon.
92. If I look for clovers, I can usually find one within five minutes.
93. I can only remember dressing up as Punky Brewster for Halloween as a kid.
94. I had 5 shots of Patron one night and I only remember the first two.
95. I am a nosy person. M tells me all the time to quit being so nosy.
96. I sometimes wish I was more of a neat freak. (I'm working on it!)
97. I don't like coffee.
98. I don't like cool whip/whip cream. (Typing that... I heard Stewie from Family Guy saying it. Did anybody else?!?)
99. I'm a Leo!
100. I AM DONE!!!!

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Megan Writes said...

About #98...I love the episode when he "beams" in the Star Trek cast. "Whill Wheaton" lol :)

I'm nosy, too! I can't help it lol.

Thanks for sharing and congrats on finishing! The last 25 were hard for me,too. :)

Tabitha Haswell said...

I'm an August baby, too! Leo and PROUD OF IT! I actually have the outline of a lion with the word "Leo" tattooed above my right ankle. :)

The Glamorous Army Wife said...

I am not a whipped cream/cool whip person either. I thought it was just me! lol.