31 March 2011

100 Facts About Me - Part 3

It's that time again! Here is Part 3 of my 100 Facts About Me. Don't forget to head over to Megan's blog at Megan Writes and link up.

51. We planned our wedding in four months. We got married one year and three days after our first date.
52. I make lists when I get stressed.
53. I want to learn more about Greek Mythology.
54. I love the stars. They make me feel small, but part of something bigger than I could ever imagine.
55. I haven't been to the ocean since our honeymoon in 2007.
56. I want to learn a foreign language or two or three.
57. I worked at a vet's office for about three months. I had to quit because my heart was broken and I cried every single day I worked.
58. Sometimes I think way too much!
59. I walked down the aisle barefoot. I WAS NOT PREGNANT!!
60. I did not cry on my wedding day.
61. I love Wizards of Waverly Place.
62. I don't really drink. I am normally the DD when we go out.
63. When I do drink, I like Arbor Mist Blackberry wine and Mikes Black Cherry Lemonade. I'm a cheap drunk! LOL
64. Black Cherry is my favorite kind of Kool Aid.
65. Black Cherry is my favorite Yankee Candle scent.
66. I only drink milk if it's chocolate or with cereal.
67. I hate socks and shoes. I only wear them when I have to!
68. I big, pink, puffy heart flip flops!!
69. But I hate when people look at my toes. I made the mistake of sending M a picture of my toes painted black while he was deployed. (I told him I was goth!) He sends it to me pretty regularly saying that he's looking at my toes. UGH!
70. Now that M is home, I don't know what to blog about, but I want to keep blogging.
71. I love my snuggie!!
72. I never have my umbrella when it's raining.
73. I'm addicted to Facebook.
74. Dill Pickle chips are my favorite. I would seriously eat the whole bag in one sitting.
75. I've been to two WWE events. (The Rock is way hot in person!)

Come back next week for the final 25 facts and don't forget to link up!!


Sespi said...

I make lists too. It makes everything seem more manageable!

Megan Writes said...

Wow, four months? That's crazy! I planned ours in about 8 months, and it was still stressful.

I didn't cry at my wedding, either. I was probably way more calm than most people in the wedding party, including my mom lol!

Sweet facts :)

Tabitha Haswell said...

I planned our wedding in 3 days and had everything go wrong the day before. The lady who was hosting our reception got food poisoning and not only couldn't host but couldn't make the food, either. All of this 12 hours before my wedding while I was still trying on wedding dresses. haha

And about blogging, maybe you could write about his adaptation. I know that's a big thing with a lot of husbands and wives coming home. It's hard on the guys, which makes it hard on the ladies. I know you don't want to put his info all out there for everyone to see, but I think it could be inspiring for ladies dealing with husbands that have "checked out" of their marriage because of deployment. Just an idea. :)

Kimberly In Seattle said...

We're planning our wedding in 4 months also :-)

Oh yeah, and I too am a list maker!!

New Girl on Post said...

OMG...I so agree with you about the Rock. I had a huge crush on him back in the day and I'm pretty sure I still have a t-shirt with him on it around here somewhere... :)

Loved reading all these facts about you!

Anna said...

I love Greek Mythology and am also a facebook addict. I'm currently taking a break. :)