29 June 2010


I just got done working out with Jillian Michaels and she is really kicking my butt! I love how it makes me feel, but oh how I hate it while I am doing it. I can feel myself getting stronger. I don't know if it shows on my body yet, but I feel it. I haven't started the couch to 5k yet, because the workout I'm doing with Jillian Michaels is enough for right now. However, maybe when it gets cooler here in Alabama I will start trying it. I definitely want to run before my husband gets back and I want to do it outside. I can not run on a treadmill. I don't know what it is, but it makes me nauseous! It's hard enough to exercise, so I can't be sick to my stomach while I'm doing it!

I'm doing good. We are almost into triple digits with this deployment! I can hardly believe it. My husband is doing good as well. I will update you guys soon on the whole promotion thing that's been going on. I hope the rest of the week is great for everybody!


lmc said...

I know what you mean! It's just too hot outside to run!

Renee said...

I keep looking at the calendar and realizing that I have 6 months before R&R to lose weight and get fit! Ugh... I hate working out! We can be Couch to 5k bussies and do the Liz Hurley 5k in Oct and the Wounded Warrior 5k in Nov!!
Call me..let's meet for lunch when you get a chance!

Kelli said...

We have an award for you over at Our Soldiers Make Us Sisters!! =)