16 September 2010

25 Weeks, 170 Days, and an update!

Wow! This deployment is flying by and I am so grateful for that. I know it's not flying by for my sweet husband, and I wish I could make his time go by like my time is going by. It's hard to believe that it's been 170 days since I hugged him. I think that's the part I miss the most. He gives me the best hugs in the world, and some days I just NEED him to hug me. It won't be too much longer until he will be home for R&R. The world will be right for a few days, and then it starts back over again. We are almost at the top of the hill!! My Donut of Misery says 48% and NOT QUITE THERE, but I just know soon we will be over that hill and the downhill slope will begin. I can't wait!

An update...
As you all know, I went to the nutritionist a week or so ago to get information about becoming vegan. The process is going to be difficult at first, but like this deployment... it will be all downhill after. I'm ready to be on the downhill part. I went today and got a meal plan. I'm not going to do it the exact way the nutritionist said because I have a TON of stuff in the kitchen that needs to be gone before I can fully be vegan. I'm going to try and do at least two meals a day vegan. Breakfast shouldn't be hard. I got some stuff for that today while I was picking up some other things for a care package for my sweets. Of course, I forgot a few things so I will be going back again tomorrow. UGH! (I so need to make a list!) So tonight, I'm going to go through my cookbooks and find several recipes that I want to try. I'm going to pick the stuff up for those and "build" my kitchen off that. This way, I'm not have to buy everything at once. That would be crazy expensive!

Other than that, I'm doing well. I've got two weeks left on the class I'm taking and then I start another one. Maybe I will get finished with school one day! Tank is doing good. I'm in the process of switching his food. Once he is fully on this new food, he will only be eating it. So after that, no more changing up his food when I go to other peoples houses. Shadow is still Shadow. He's sleeping on the bed right now. I should wake him up so he won't wake me up tonight. He's so precious when he wakes me up though... patting me with his paw on my cheek, bumping his head into mine, and purring up a storm!

And saving the best for last.... I GOT TO TALK TO MY HUSBAND YESTERDAY!!! He talked to me, his mom and his dad. He definitely made our day, and I think it brightened up his day/night a little as well.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! ROLL TIDE ROLL!! I can't wait to watch the Alabama game this weekend. God Bless and Take Care!


Megan Dub-Yuh said...

Good luck with your nutritional transformation! What all does being a vegan entail? Do you have to cut out gelatin and such? I am really curious. It sounds like a lot of work so Bravo! to you for wanting to do it.

lmc said...

I know what you mean- I miss hugs too!

Paula said...

Oh the hugs. I remember before my husband left, I would hug him and hold on to him for a little bit. I wanted to remember exactly how it felt and how he smelled because I knew that would be what I missed most too.
I'm so glad you're getting close to getting those hugs again.

Renee said...

I am so excited that you are doing so well!!! Yea!! Like you, I can't believe how far we've come through this deployment.

I know you will do wonderful in your transition to vegan. It's great that you are seeing a nutritionist to help you.

Oh, ROLL TIDE to you! I hope you have a great weekend!

Newlywed and Deployed said...

Congratulations on being almost half way there! Hope you have an amazing R&R!

Mrs. Snugglebunny said...

I am so glad you are almost over the hump.

Random Musings Of My Life said...

YAY almost over the hump!

Vegan wow! What a commitment.. You will have to keep us posted on your progress