16 October 2010

200 Days!!!

Wow, has it really been 200 days since I've last seen my husband? 200 days since I last got a hug from my husband? 200 days since I last kissed my husband? 200 days since we have slept in the same bed? 200 days since I could call him and talk to him whenever I wanted? 200 days since he played with Tank?

It really has been, and I can't believe it! Soon-ish I will get to see, hold, hug, and kiss my husband. Soon-ish my world will be right for 15 days. Soon-ish my Tank will have his daddy back to play with him. I'm pretty sure that husband is more excited about seeing Tank than he is about seeing me. Either way, I can't wait to see my husband in the flesh!!

Here are a couple of pictures of Tank that my Mama took today! My boy is representing!!

Roll Tide Roll!!!

Let's Go, Bama!!!

Have a great Saturday night and Sunday! God Bless and take care!


Brie said...

That seems like such a very long time dear. *Hugs* On another note, Tank is one handsome pup!

Expat Girl said...

Awwww Icant wait to know you two are back together for 15 days, keep going girlie!

Kelli said...

YeAH for soonish R & R =)

Committed said...

Soonish is goooood. :) Can't wait to hear of your blissful, fun-filled 15 days.

AbbeyG said...

How exciting!! :) I hope Soonish = REALLY soon!

lmc said...

Congrats on 200 days!