28 December 2010


Saturday was Christmas, but it was also 9 months into this deployment. I had a post, but I guess I never got around to writing it. I'm so grateful that it's been 9 months and that we are on a downward spiral that leads to M coming home. I've got ranges, but I want something more concrete. I know, it's the Army, but wishful thinking is good right?

Christmas was okay. I wasn't expecting anything, so I didn't get my hopes up. I got to talk to M on Christmas Eve and he sounded like he was doing okay. I worried about him with it being the holidays. I am so glad that the holidays are done. It means we are one day closer to him getting home!

Be Blessed!!


April said...

thanks for linking up with the military monday blog hop!! i hope you can come back next week :)

i hope the rest of this deployment FLIES by for you!! be strong, girl!



McDancer said...

Woohoo, hang in there, only a few more months.

lmc said...

I'm hating the range too! :)