20 September 2011

Book Review - My So-Called Life As A Proverbs 31 Wife

I know I was suppose to post this yesterday, but yesterday slipped away from me. Steele had a rough night with it being the first night away from his brothers and sisters. Last night was great! He got up once around 2am and whined for a couple of minutes and then went back to sleep. I think I will be well prepared when we do have an human baby! Now, on to the book review.

About the author:  Sara Horn is the founder of Wives of Faith. She has also written the books God Strong and Tour of Duty. If you haven't read either of those books, you should! Tour of Duty is a bible study to help with deployments and God Strong is an encouraging book.

About the book: In Sara's words:
Welcome to the blog that became a book that became a blog.
My name is Sara and I confess. I am not Martha Stewart. I’m not even her third cousin, once removed. I can’t sew. I am getting better at cooking, though I still read the back of the box to make macaroni and cheese. Which is silly, if you knew how much macaroni and cheese I’ve made.
But a couple of years ago, I had one of those strange experiences that ultimately changed my life. I’m sure I’m the only one who has ever gotten upset at something her pastor said. But there. I said it. I was sitting in church. Angry. Steam coming from my ears kind of angry. Not exactly the right attitude you want to have sitting in God’s house. My face showed the equivalent of the 5-year-old who has been told what he doesn’t want to hear and is beating his head, hands and feet against the floor in protest.
My pastor was talking about the Proverbs 31 Wife. And he was making all of these points about how I, as a woman, could be more like her. Which I didn’t want to hear. Because I didn’t like the Proverbs 31 Wife.
I could have gone home in a huff and forgot about it, chalking it up to one more thing men don’t understand when it comes to women. But for whatever reason that day, I listened. At least to myself. I wanted to find out why I was so mad.
Because deep down, I wanted to be a better wife. I wanted to be a better mom. But I also wanted to be successful. And at the time, success seemed like a word that could never go with those other two. I mean, have you ever seen a woman ordering Happy Meals for her kids, breaking up a fight before they sit down and listening to her oldest ask her if he can go play 20 times in 10 minutes and you said “Wow, she is such a success in that mom job she has!” Yeah, neither have I.
If you’ve found this web site, you have probably seen my new book, My So-Called Life as a Proverbs 31 Wife. This is my story of what happened after an infuriating sermon by my pastor indirectly dared me to prove him wrong. I’ve been a writer and an author for almost 10 years, and I can honestly say this is my most personal and honest work yet. I hope it makes you laugh. I hope it makes you feel less alone in your own struggles as a wife and/or mom. But most important, I hope it makes you think and ask the question I had to ask myself: is there anything I can do to be a bigger blessing to my husband and my child?
This blog continues the journey I started in the book (which I actually started as a private blog/online journal). If you want my official bio, visit my main website at sarahorn.com. If you’re a military wife, I hope you’ll check out the ministry I lead, Wives of Faith. Otherwise, I hope I’ll see you here. I’m sharing photos, stories, the occasional recipe and new P31 Challenges we can all do together.

My review:

This book is a must read. It starts out with a church sermon and Sara's feelings toward it. How can anyone be a perfect wife when everyone is on the go these days? It just can't happen.... or can it? Sara decides to try an experiment and life gets in the way.  For me, it wasn't about what happened in the book (although there are a few laughs along the way), it was about the epilogue. My reading this book had made me do a lot of thinking. I know I will never be the Proverbs 31 wife but I can be the best wife I can be. There will be a few changes in our life and hopefully it will be a better, more fulfilling life for us both.

Stay tuned for my next post which will go into my goals for being the best wife I can be and my new schedule.

Be Blessed!!


Alana said...

I love her intro! I can completely relate to everything she said. This book is on my to-read list now!

Shayla said...


When I have a life I will have to check it out :D

Cassie said...

Hey girl, Those books are two HUGE must reads. Also if you haven't checked out Mollie Gross' "Confessions of a Military Wife" you MUST.. It's hilarious and brings light to this crazy military life!

Anyways, No I'm not going private I'm staying public I just won't be including everything (like crazy MIL stories)....

Alaska is beautiful, hope your enjoying Georgia

Army Amy* said...

Sounds like a good read!*