06 September 2011

Weekend Recap

Wow, we had an amazing weekend even though we had to cut it short due to the Army calling. We will start with Thursday night. We found out earlier in the week that M would have to pull duty on Sunday. I thought that meant a 24 hour duty shift. It never occurred to me to asking any more questions about it. Since he had duty, we were in limbo on if we wanted to go up to his parents place for the weekend. I told him it was completely up to him because he was the one that would have to work on Sunday. So late Thursday night when he got in from work, he decided that we would go for Friday night and come home Saturday.

Friday morning we woke up and started packing up the car. It's amazing the stuff you think you need for an overnight trip. In reality, I should have packed more! We left around 0800 on Friday morning so we could drop M's truck off. His air has been acting strange, so we are getting it fixed. We drove the four hours to his parents house and hung out until everyone got home. There were lots of family and friends there and whoever didn't make it that night came the next morning. I was tired so I went to bed early. I do know that a great time was had by everyone that night though and they felt it the next morning!

Saturday, I woke up around 0600. That is not normal for me, but I was wide awake. So I spent about an hour outside taking in the sunrise and quietness. It was beautiful! Once everyone was awake, breakfast was made. After we cleaned up from that, I had to make a run to WalMart. I finally asked what time we were leaving since he had duty in the morning and he told me that he had duty from 2200 Sunday night until 0900 Monday morning. Oh! So we decided to stay one more night and leave early Sunday morning. After we got back from WalMart, I learned how to drive the 4Wheeler. I think I learned pretty well. We brought our stuff down to the camp ground area and decided to go ride the trails. When we went, it was very dusty. (This was before all of the rain we got on Sunday and Monday.) It was so fun. I have bruises to show how fun it was. On Saturday, we sat, talked, ate, went on rides. We did that a lot. Saturday night, M wanted to go mudding. Nobody really wanted to, but I decided that I would go with him and then everybody decided let's just do it! It was awesome. When riding a 4 wheeler with M, you drift... ie: you sling your body to go around the curve instead of actually turning the wheel. In mudding, you do the same thing except you get muddy. Everybody had lots of fun! M and I stripped out side and ran to the showers. There was a lot of cleaning up after that.

Sunday morning, most people packed up and left because of Tropical Storm Lee. We had to drive home in the rain. Poor M was soaking wet because he brought the motorcycle home. We had a nap and I sent him in for duty. I can't believe the duty they pulled. M and his soldier sat in my car for 11 hours. They got out every once in a while to go to the bathroom or walk around and make sure everything was okay. (Shaking my head... how crazy is that?!?)

Looking at the pictures posted from Sunday, we missed a lot of fun! There were quite a few people that stayed and decided to go mudding again. This was after the rain, so it was better. The pictures are HILARIOUS!! Just picture a bunch of people covered in mud and that's the picture.

Next time, we are taking leave and will enjoy every single day! We had a blast and can't wait to do it all over again. I hope everyone's weekend was as great as ours was! Enjoy the short week and be blessed!!


Alana said...

You know you're from Alabama when you know what mudding is. haha

I haven't been in forever, but I do love riding four wheelers. :)

Just Another MilSpouse said...

That sounds like an awesome weekend. I have always wanted to go 4wheelin' but being from CT there was never an opportunity to do it, lol.

I have been catching up on your blog tonight since I have been out of the blogging world for the summer and I just wanted to tell you that I completely know how hard the DITY moves are. We have done a few of them and they don't get any easier. I'm glad yours went smoothly and that you found a place so quickly.

Talk to you soon.