09 September 2011

Day 3

Today is day three of my new exercise routine. It's a 12 week routine where you start with lower weight and higher reps. My lowest weight yesterday was ten pounds and only for two sets. Holy cow am I sore!!! I started on Wednesday with twenty minutes of cardio. Yesterday was upper body. I had about six exercises that I did and I did three sets of 12 reps a piece. It's not easy, but I know I am going to get stronger and leaner. I am going to lose the weight that I have gained in the six months that M has been home from deployment. Today is lower body. I have pretty strong legs, but they could definitely use some toning.

For the next four weeks, I will either stick with the weight I start with or go up just a bit. The four weeks after that, I increase the weight and lower my reps. The same with the four weeks after week eight.

Just for the record, I am not bulking it. It will actually lean me out. I can't wait for the results. I hate the way all of my clothes fit me right now and I refuse to buy any more since I don't have a job yet. When I get a job, that will be different. Until then, it's getting back into the clothes I already have.

I have been doing pretty well at drinking water. I had a coke zero and a mountain dew over Labor Day weekend, but other than that I don't drink caffiene. I am cutting back on my portion sizes. I am trying to eat more healthy that what I already do. It's a work in progress and it's a lifestyle change. So far, I am loving it. Of course, after only two days I can't tell a difference, but I know it won't be much longer until I can tell the difference.

Oh, and I ran on the treadmill for around seven minutes or so. I loathe running on a treadmill, but I did it and I am proud of myself.

On a sadder note, The Unlikely Wife's husband was injured pretty severely. Please stop by her blog and send your prayers/good thoughts. Her family really needs them right now.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! Be blessed. Give a smile away!


Anonymous said...

What program are you doing?

Our Little Fam said...

Geeze lady.. doing all that would kick my booty! Great job :)

Shayla said...

. . .you are hardcore. I am way too unmotivated for that, so I choose Zumba on XBOX kinnect. . .does that make me a whimp or what???

Anonymous said...

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