15 September 2011

Random Thursday

There are a lot of things I want to talk about, but they aren't all big enough to have their own post. Here we go with Random Thursday!

- Last night, M and I were getting ready for bed. The bad thing about living in apartments... the noise! We were going to bed at 11pm, which is already late enough. On top of that, there were people outside making A LOT of noise. I told him if it kept on, I was calling the cops. I'm not one to complain a lot, but we live in a complex with a lot of military. They have to get up and be gone by 5/530am five days a week. It's not cool when people are outside making a lot of noise. I didn't have to call the cops because somebody else did. Have a little respect! Weekends we can look past (sometimes!), weekdays... I don't think so.

- We made another bodybuilding.com order and I got a new pair of lifting gloves coming my way. I am super excited about it! I have gloves now, but they are too big and it makes it hard to hold the bar even with my long fingers.

- Both of our animals got in trouble yesterday. Ugh, it was not a good day to be an animal in our house.

- I'm thinking about placing another Scentsy order. (If you don't know what it is, go here.) There are nine scents that I want to try out. I'm thinking of doing a bundle and then ordering the other three next paycheck.

- I want to go shopping. I want a scarf (or 4!) and some other key pieces for fall. We will have to see what our money situation looks like. Maybe I can get one thing a month or something.

- I'm still looking for a job! Also, I have a huge test coming up in two months. Be looking for a post on my new schedule sometime in the next few days.

- I am going to do a book review about the new Sara Horn book My So-Called Life As A Proverbs 31 Wife. It will tie into the new schedule post, so they will either be up the same day or two days in a row.

There you have it. Thursday Randoms. I hope everyone has a great Thursday. Be Blessed!!

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Shayla said...

ugh noisy neighbors are the worst!!!! We lived in a complex near a college and base so you were either Military or College, and those college kids were complete idiots. They got the cops called on them ALL the time. Our neighbors even got kicked out (YES!)

So the mr and I went on vacation last month and left our dog with friends taking turns for two weeks, the last 4 days he decided to only poop indoors. . . UGH he was in big trouble!!!!!!! but now, he has a BACKYARD woohoo!!!! Frreedom to poop whenever wherever outside :)

Finding jobs is SO hard right now, I'm so excited to be close to graduated, but I'm a nervous wreck bc how do you find a teaching job in DECEMBER????

Good Luck with the test!!!!

I've never heard of that book, but I like the title :)