02 May 2011

Heavy Heart

Today, I'm writing this blog post with a heavy heart. There have been so many things that happened in the past few days.

As most of you know, I'm from Alabama. There were 120 tornadoes in Alabama alone last week. A lot of them were directly in the path of my family (both my family and M's family). My in-laws just got power back yesterday. My mother, sisters and dad still do not have power. It could take a few more days for them to get power back.

A whole family was killed in my hometown. The images I've seen on Facebook and the news have broken my heart. It hurts to be away at a time like this, but I think it would hurt more to actually be there. M and I left from block leave the day before the tornadoes happened.

I've lived in the South just about my whole life. I've seen the devastation that tornadoes can bring. Nothing compares to what happened last week.

Please keep Alabama and all of those affected by last weeks tornadoes in your prayers. It will be a while before anything is 'normal' for them.

Also on my heart is our troops. While we had a great victory yesterday, I'm worried that our troops will be in even more danger now. Troops are always on my prayer list, but they will be getting extra prayers.

Be blessed and have a great week!


My Secret To Happiness said...

The tornadoes didn't hit where I am at, but the flooding is tremendous & devastating. So many people have lost so much. I couldn't imagine all of the tragedy Alabama has gone through. I definitley have been praying for them...
My husband is currently overseas. It baffles me at how many individuals do not see the big picture of what Osama's death could really mean. Everybody around here virtually thinks the war is or should be over & is making a single man's death into something it is not. I pray that our men over there stay safe & do not have to endure any additional danger.

Carolyn said...

What truths you write. Pray for everyone--and especially the ones in the disaster area. We have family in that area too--I know the feeling. Its also part of the army life, being away from family. Its gotten easy for me (after many many years) but I get a kick in the gut every time something happens close to home.

Love the blog--i'm gonna follow. I would love a follow back!