14 May 2011

Anniversary Update

As you all know, our anniversary was Thursday. In a way, Blogger being down was a good thing for me. I stayed off the internet and spent time with M. He worked Thursday, but he was off Friday and will be off Sunday and Monday. They have a four day weekend, but unfortunately, he got CQ (24 Hour Duty) today.

We didn't do anything on Thursday. Yesterday, we went to a bigger city and ate at a Mexican restaurant. It was okay. Nothing spectacular about it. We went early... M says that's what happens when you have kids AKA Tank and Shadow. We did find a little shop that made us excited about hiking, camping, and all things that summer brings. Anyway, we got to the restaurant around 1630 and got home around 1900. We spent the next couple of hours playing Borderlands on the PS3.

Today, M is at work and I will be cleaning the house, doing laundry, etc. There is no telling what we will do on Sunday and Monday.

Have a great weekend!! Be Blessed~

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Olivia's Mom said...

Minus CQ, I'm glad you guys were able to have a nice long weekend together! I love those! By the way, Happy Anniversary (a few days late)!!!!! :)