23 May 2011

Quick Update

Afternoon Everyone!! I hope everyone had a great weekend and a great start to the work week if you work. This morning was a bit hectic for us. M's alarm clock didn't go off, but we only got up ten minutes later than it was set for. However, we still had to run around and get everything ready for him to get out the door. We were running so far behind he had to drink a Slim Fast for breakfast before PT. (Don't worry! I packed him an after PT breakfast as well!)

Our weekend was great, other than Friday. He was suppose to get off work around 1530. Unfortunately, he got home around 2100. We had a late supper and then went over to the neighbors to hang out for a bit. We had to run on post early Saturday morning (0800... not THAT early, but we live 45 minutes away from post) and then I got introduced to being an NCO's wife. We got a phone call early Saturday morning (around 0400), but nothing was said. We figured M had been butt dialed. M got another phone call around 0745 Saturday morning, which turned into an all morning into early afternoon affair. I finally came home around 1200 and M got home around 1400. (It happened about three minutes away from us.) After that happened and everything got solved, we took a nap. After our nap, we headed back to the neighbors house where they grilled us some yummy food. We hung out, drank a little, and talked until the wee hours of the morning. Sunday, we had to run back to post because we didn't get everything finished on Saturday. After that, we just hung around the house, played video games and looked at houses at our next duty station.

I hope everyone's weekend was as wonderful (minus the incident!) as ours was. BE BLESSED!!!


Anonymous said...

I got into'd to being an NCO's wife by a 3am phone call stating someone had gotten a DUI.

Luckily he was already back at the barracks so hubs didn't have to go pick him up or anything, but yeah. Obnoxious.

Jessica said...

Gotta love those middle of the night, early morning calls!
Where are you being stationed next??

Olivia's Mom said...

Yes, those crazy phone calls are wonderful, aren't they!? Glad you had a good weekend overall! :)