31 May 2011

Weekend Update

I just wanted to type out a really quick weekend update. I'm about to leave and go get a new ID card. I will be an official Army Wife until (at least!) December 2013.

We had a great weekend. We didn't do much on Friday. We went down the road to a small roadside restaurant and M had the fish fry he has been craving. He really likes this place. He told me while we were eating that when he was little his grandfather (he called him Pa) would take him to a similar place. A place where everybody knows your name (Cheers, anyone?!? LOL), knows what food you will order, how you take your coffee, etc. It brought back really great memories for him and I loved hearing him share them. Friday night a couple of people from his squad came over. We had tacos and watched scary movies. Saturday was pretty chill. We hung out, went to post, hung out some more, went to the neighbors house and came back home to watch more scary movies. (We are on a paranormal movie kick right now. Any suggestions?) Sunday we placed Zombies on Call Of Duty Black Ops with his brother. Monday was much of the same... hanging out, Zombies and movies. We also went on a walk with Tank. It was gorgeous outside yesterday.

It was hard to get back into routine today! I hope everyone has a blessed week!

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Anonymous said...

That sounds like such an epic time honored weekend! GO you!!! :D Do you play Zombies too?!!!