19 April 2010

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone's Monday is going as well as it can for you! Again, I am at my sisters house and we are trying to find solutions for the internet at my dad's house. I may be heading to the in-laws house with my school books in tow, so I can start working on my school work again. I'm going to have to bust my bootie to get it done in time. I will be so glad when I can start, so I can finish it already! I'm ready to start getting experiences in my job field. But, we are figuring it out and hopefully everything will work out!

I talked to my DH yesterday (and at 0230 this morning). It's so great hearing his voice! I've went and talked with my cell phone people on Saturday. I lucked out so much when the lady said that she had family in another country and told me the best way to stay in touch with DH. Now, I just have to find the calling card that she was talking about and all will be golden!

I hope everyone has a great week!


Renee said...

Happy Monday to you! You will have to share the information about the calling card with me. I hope you can get the internet issue worked out so you can get back on track. I'm in the HR field, so if you think about looking for work in the area while you are home... let me know.

Shayla said...

YAY for phone calls!!!!!

that is sooo exciting that yall got to talk :)

good luck with school!! and hey if the internet works out well I'll give you my codes and you can do my school too ;-) haha