25 April 2010

4 weeks does not equal 1 month!!

So, if you look at my deployment ticker.... it says that today is one month! Apparently 4 weeks is not equal to one month. I get it, but that's so weird! We are officially done with one month of this deployment, and I am so excited! I got to see and hear my DH a lot over the weekend. I am so in love with him, and so thankful for the technology that we have these days.

For anybody that is in the South, I hope everybody is doing ok after the storms this weekend. It wasn't bad where I was at, but not too far away there was a pretty bad tornado. The destruction tornadoes leave are devastating. I will be sending up a few extra prayers for the people who were affected by this weekends storms.

I had a pretty good weekend, other than the fact of the storms. I spent a lot of time on Saturday remember things both good and bad that happened in my childhood. It's amazing what we 'forget' until we start to remember. One memory always leads to another memory. I loved it! I hope everybody else had a great weekend, and I hope everyone has a fantastic Monday!


Julie the Army Wife said...

This was my first real experience with a Tornado Warning. It didn't get to bad here but I guess it did destroy some stuff about 15 mins away.

YAY for getting through 1 month!!!

Renee said...

I'm happy to hear that you all faired well during the bad weather! We seem to have a big 'ol bulls-eye over us sometimes!

4 weeks is a great thing!

My Army Brats and Me said...

Yay for 4 weeks:) Check out my giveaway!

A Lady in Waiting said...

YAY for one month down! One month you'll never have to live again.