06 August 2010

MilSpouse Friday Fill In #7

This week’s questions are:

1.What is something you wished you’d learned to do earlier in life?
A second language. I guess it would have to be Spanish, but I would like to learn a little of the most common languages.

2.What is your biggest pet peeve with the military?
I would say not being able to rely on anything they tell you regarding dates and times.

3.What tourist attraction near you have you never seen?
I don't think there is one that I haven't been to at some point in my life.

4.What are you avoiding doing right now?
Vacuuming out my car!

5.Wine, beer or liquor?
I guess I'm going to go with liquor. I HATE beer and can't find a wine I like. No Patron though, PLEASE! That's another story for another time!
Ok. Now, everybody hop over to Wife Of A Sailor and join in!!

1 comment:

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

I wish I knew Spanish too :)