02 August 2010


I finally broke down and got a Twitter account. I don't know how much I will use it, but it will be a nice way to keep up with everyone. My username is @mehimarmy.  I want everyone with a Twitter to leave a comment so I can add you to my Twitter.

On another note, I start my first class today! This class is going towards my Associate's degree. I am so excited, and I can't wait until I'm finished! I'm hoping to be done by the time my husband is home from deployment, but if I'm not I should be almost finished. After that, depending on where we are and what we are doing, I will probably get a job.

I hope everyone had a good weekend! Have a great week and take care!!


Julie the Army Wife said...

I think I am your first follower :) Glad you are joining Twitter too :)

Bethany said...

Awesome!! I'm @ArmyWifeBethany on Twitter, and I'm gonna look you up and follow now! :)

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Yay!! Mrs_S_Tweets :)

Christian Mommy Writer said...

Hi! Welcome to Twitterville! I'm @christianmommy. Hope you enjoy Twitter. It can be a very good networking site once you understand everything. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. :-)

Renee said...

Hey Jessica! I can't believe that you broke down to Tweet! I haven't made it there yet. I happy to hear about your classes! Good Luck!!

I think of you often and hope that we can meet up soon!