23 August 2010

Monday, Monday

Today has been a rough day and it didn't have anything to do with this deployment. OK, maybe a little. Somehow, I got a virus on my computer. UGH!! Normally when something happens to my computer, I take it to my husband and say I did this and then that happened and he fixes it. It's hard for him to fix something when he's thousands of miles away!

Luckily, I ran through my virus stuff that DH makes me put on my computer. Nothing came up! I'm still not sure what exactly happened, but with my sisters help I changed my passwords on my email and Facebook. After that, I downloaded Mozilla Firefox and now everything works! YAY!!

Another thing I am proud of I woke up at 0745 this morning and I didn't have a nap! I normally nap around 1500 and sleep anywhere from an hour to two. That was completely messing up my sleep schedule. I did awesome on eating healthy today and I had my workout done by 1200. I am pretty happy with myself today, minus the whole computer thing. But, that's fixed, so I can't complain too much!

I hope everyone has a great week! Take care and God Bless!!


lmc said...

That's a sucky side effect of deployments- no husbands around to fix things :(

Kathryn said...

Sorry about the virus on your computer, that is so frustrating! Hope you are doing ok otherwise!

Patty said...

I just had a computer issue myself yesterday! Had to work with Comcast over the phone and then went to the local office in my town to swap my modem, etc. and that's totally something my hubby would've taken care of. But at the same time I am taking everything positively. These types of instances that we go through, however major or minor, make us better people, better military wives. =)

Kimberly said...

Awhh I'm sorry to hear about the virus! I hope you're having a better week now that it's Wednesday :) *hugs*