13 June 2011


I hope everybody had a great weekend. Mine was fantastic. We didn't do anything on Friday except watch Ghost Adventures and went to bed after the new one. Yes, we were in bed at 2200 on a Friday night. Does that make us old?!? LOL Saturday was pretty chill. We hung out, watched movies/tv shows on Netflix, and then Saturday night a few people from M's company came over. We fixed hamburgers and baked beans. Yummy! Then they played spades (I don't know how to play plus there was five people). After they played a few hands of spades, we played Uno. Yup, I love that game. Sunday, we just relaxed. I read a little on my book, M played his game, we talked about the move and just hung out.

Today has been productive. I canceled (cancelled?!? I don't know which... LOL) a couple of appointments that I had in Alabama. Finding dentist and hairdressers is the hardest part of the move for me! I also scheduled for the truck to be dropped off on 28 June. We will pack on the 28th and 29th, have them pick it up the morning of the 30th, have our inspection on the 30th and then head out. They will be a busy couple of days.

Also, for anybody that actually wants to do a DITY move, check with your transportation office. I don't know if it's just this particular one or if the Department of the Army has changed how they do DITY moves, but they aren't as lucrative as they once were. We got a small amount. Whatever we don't use, we get taxed 25% on. It's almost not worth it to do the DITY move, unless you are in our boat and have too.

Have a great week and be blessed!!


Dana said...

We had to do a Dity move from Fort Bragg, NC to Fort Bliss, TX. It was quite miserable. Stuck in the little cab (two seater) and two large dogs! We were cramped! My hubby did request for an advancement in pay for the move, I'm not exactly sure what it was, now that Im trying to think of it. (Dont you hate it when that happens?) We used every penny of that pay though, and then some. I'm not quite sure where you're at, or where you're going (Keeping up with alot of stuff, and planning my own PCS as well) but make sure you save gas money!!! we spent 700 in gas for our move. It was craziness! I hope everything goes smoothly on your move!

Jen said...

:( Bummer about the lack of reimbursement for the DITY move. We will be moving from Fort Bragg NC to Fort Huachuca AZ next year and we are letting the Army do it all.