21 June 2011

Weekend Update

M had a four day over the weekend. A town close to post has Riverfest every year and if you purchase a ticket, you get out of work for the day. Friday was a training holiday. So, Thursday we got ready and headed up to almost the Canadian border. We met up with some people from M's unit and had a good day.

Trying on hats!

I think this is the castle the boat tour drops you off at...

Yay, he actually took a picture with me!!

Taken at Wal-Mart - we went there to get something for the XBox at 2000.
We didn't do much on Friday or we did a lot... I can't really remember. Does that mean I'm old?!? Saturday our town had Flag Day. We loaded Tank up in the car and went to walk around. After walking around, we went to get lunch. Later Saturday, we went to M's going away party. It was pretty fun. The food was delicious, though!

Our sweet boy! He loves the wind in his face.

Waiting to cross at the crosswalk...

Appropriate. "Our Nations Defenders" My soldier walking to it... ♥

Bonus picture of me! I dyed my hair black and got an A line cut.

We didn't do anything on Sunday. We just relaxed from the other three full days that we had. We did have fun, we were just exhausted from it all. Yes, even Tank was exhausted. He was on high alert all day on Saturday and had to take frequent naps on Sunday. I hope everyone had a great weekend! Be Blessed


Our Little Fam said...

Great pictures, looks like fun! Love your hair, so cute

Anonymous said...

Love the picture! I love your hair cut and clolr.. Can't wait to see you in a feww weeks.. Love you