20 June 2011


When you think of Heaven, what do you see? I see streets of gold, angels on clouds playing beautiful music on a harp, ancestors I've never met and the face of God. Well, that's what I saw until I read the book Heaven by Randy Alcorn. Yes, this is the book review I've been promising for a while now. This book is super long. I'm a big reader and it still took me a while to get through it. Not because it was a bad book, it's not. It's a fantastic book that really made me think and made me excited to dig deeper into God's word about Heaven. There reason it took me so long to read is that it's so much information, sometimes I just had to take a break and read something a little lighter or go a few days before I read it again.

This book was recommended to me by JG over at Me and My Soldier Man. I can't thank her enough for reviewing this book and pointing it out to me.

Not my picture... thanks Google!

You can go to Amazon.com and order the book. Or, you can go to his website, a Christian book store or a big book store and get the book. It's definitely one that I recommend reading. It truly gives you an entirely different perspective on Heaven than what you are used to. It really makes you think and get excited about going to Heaven when it's your time. I hope you enjoy the book if you do read it!

Be Blessed!!


Shayla said...

Your dog is sooooo pretty!!!!!!

I cannot wait to read for luxury! College is such a bummer in that sense!

JG said...

I'm so glad you liked it! It's definitely one of my favorites. :)