02 March 2010

I have so much to do...

and I feel like there is hardly any time to do it in. However, I've made my lists and I am marking things off, so I am making progress. It will all get done in time. Today, I made an appointment to get the final inspection done on the house. Since we live on post and I'm going home while DH is deployed, we are giving up our house. This way, we can save more money with the BAH (Basic Allowance of Housing) that we are getting. Plus, I think it will be easier on me to be around family while my DH is gone. Anyway, that appointment is made, and I made an appointment with a place to see how much they would charge to pack my house. I am hoping that it's not going to be too much, because having somebody else pack it will take so much stress off of me! I'm thinking that it won't be too bad since I'm getting rid of and donating a lot of stuff. After everything that I'm doing away with, we will have a washer and dryer, the living room, the bedroom, and a dining room table... along with a few decorative items that are currently on our walls.

Ah, the progress I am making on my list makes me feel productive! I hope that everyone does something today that makes them feel productive. Have a great day!

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