12 March 2010

I love Four Days!

DH has a four day this weekend! I'm so grateful for this time, especially with the deployment really looming over us now. We probably won't do much this weekend, but just spending time together is enough for me. The closer it gets, the more emotional I get. I try to be strong while DH is around, but the breakdown is going to come soon. I can feel it. I would like for it to happen while he is at work, but I don't know if it will work out that way. Either way, breaking down is not going to change what's happening. So I will break down when I do, pick up the pieces and carry on. It's what we are suppose to do, right?

Yesterday, DH and I went bowling with his company. I won against him on the first game, and he won the second. We had a lot of fun, I just wish I had taken some pictures. Oh well, I have the weekend to do that!! Today, I got two new books and I already finished the first one. I couldn't help it; it was such a good book!! (Susan Wiggs - The Summer Hideaway) Does anybody have any good recommendations for books? I'm up for anything except scary. I would have nightmares, no joke!

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great weekend! Hug your spouse for an extra minute!

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Amy said...

We seem to be at the same stage of pre-deployment. We're going through the same stuff here. From what I hear it does get easier after they leave - I'm just hoping that's true.

As for books - I love all of the Nicholas Sparks books. Another one of my all time favorites is Me and Emma by Elizabeth Flock.